Who we are

photo of Jon and Brad EstesJon and Brad Estes are pleased to offer you the best in lawn service and snow removal, with Total Lawn Care of Littleton (TLC). Jon, a native of the Denver area, started Total Lawn Care in 1979 with just a few houses to service and a single mower.

By 1983, his passion for great lawn care grew his TLC business to encompass jobs all around Littleton, and Jon was managing two full-time crews to serve both residential and commercial clients. By this time he was also expanding services to include snow removal.

Jon married, and bought a house in the Leawood subdivision, where he and his wife expanded their family with three beautiful children—Brad, Christina, and Brittany.

Jon’s son, Brad, began helping his dad while still in high school. Brad split his school vacation times between playing high school football and Total Lawn Care. In the end, the family business won Brad’s heart and he became a full-time member of the TLC team.

Today, after 33 years in business, TLC remains a family owned and operated business.

One of TLC's Service Vehicles

One of TLC’s Service Vehicles

We proudly offer commercial and residential lawn care in the summer, and snow removal in Colorado’s colder months. Jon and Brad enjoy a close father-son relationship, but split duties with the business. Brad oversees the work crews and quality control of our services, while Jon enjoys management duties and operations.

At TLC we hope you’ll always find the grass is greener with us.